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    1950s fashion was all in the details. Learn how to do 50s hairstyles and rockabilly hairstyles, as well as 1950s fashion, to recreate the classic retro style.

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  • 50s Dresses
    A vintage dress makes a chic addition to any fashionistas wardrobe. From the classic vintage black dress to a fun vintage sun dress, try adding a bit of 50s style to your look.
  • 50s Shirts & Tops
    Get that 50s glamour look with the perfect fifties shirt or rockabilly top. Pair it with a wiggle skirt or capri pants for a killer 50s outfit or 50s Halloween costume.
  • 50s Shoes
    Need some 50s shoes to match your favorite retro outfit or 50s Halloween costume? From new rockabilly shoes to vintage 1950s shoes, we've got the pumps, kitten heels, wedges, espadrilles, sandles, and flats you're looking for.
  • 50s Skirts
    Looking for a 50s skirt? The most popular styles were the sexy high waist pencil skirts and the fluffy vintage circle skirt look. Whether you want a rockabilly skirt, a 1950s poodle skirt, or anything in-between, we have it.
  • 50s Sweaters
    Complete your 50s outfit with a timeless vintage sweater. Women's fashion in the 1950s introduced many styles from dainty shrugs and beaded cardigans to preppy college sweaters. Pair one with your favorite vintage outfit for the sweater girl fifties look.
  • Bullet Bras
    How many uses does a bullet bra have? These vintage Exquisite bras create sexy retro outfits for the sweater girl look. They also make great additions to a 50s Halloween costume. How versatile!
  • Crinolines & Petticoats
    A vintage 50s style circle skirt is not complete without a matching vintage crinoline. Sometimes called a petticoat, crinoline slips give fullness to skirts and dresses, and are also perfect for swing and square dancing.
  • Reproduction 50s Style Clothing
    Like the look of retro clothing, but hate wearing used clothes? Get that 50s glamour with reproduction 50s style clothing. The fifties look without the moth holes!
  • Vintage Coats
    A vintage coat makes a chic addition to any winter wardrobe. Pair a vintage dress coat with either modern or retro style outfits. They are an easy way to get 50s glamour and a couture look without the cost.
  • Vintage Ladies Suits
    The height of daily 50s glamour was vintage ladies suits. Dress suits with corseted wasp waists were a defining New Look style. Fashion in the 1950s was much more formal so womens suits were very popular.
  • Vintage Pants & Jeans
    The high waist pants trend has made vintage pants popular again. From vintage Levis jeans to gauchos and capri pants, the 50s style high waisted pants are in.
  • Vintage Sewing Patterns
    Recreate your favorite vintage fashion styles with authentic vintage sewing patterns. Make it just your size, and with any fabric. Find styles like rockabilly, mod, hippie & bohemian.
  • Vintage Stockings
    Do you love 1950s fashions? Finish off your retro style outfit with genuine vintage stockings/nylons for a 50s glamorous look. Seamed stockings and full fashion stockings are perfect for 50s costumes or just retro daily wear.
  • Vintage Swimsuits
    Make a splash this summer in a vintage swimsuit! Get the Bettie or Marilyn pinup girl look in a genuine vintage bathing suit or a sexy new retro bathing suit.
  • Vintage Wedding Dresses & Formals
    A vintage wedding dress can make your special day even more memorable. Vintage formal dresses give a retro couture glamour without the cost.