Vintage Coats

Fashion in the 1950s dictated that a woman was not fully dressed to go out until she was wearing stockings, gloves, and a full coat. Fashion has changed a lot, but outerwear still plays a pivotal role during the colder months. A vintage coat makes a chic addition to any winter wardrobe, and gives a couture look without the cost.

As with 50s skirts, 50s coats came in 2 distinct shapes. Fitted coats were seen more in the warmer months, but roomy swing coats were more popular. If you’re expecting, take a tip from the Baby Boomers and wear a vintage swing coat as your maternity coat.

Fur was also a popular status symbol in the 1950s, but now we know better. Please remember to look at the gorgeous faux fur coats available if that’s a look you’re interested in. Please go fake for the animals’ sake!